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new times, new habit



In April 2020, the pharmaceutical laboratory Novartis Biociências S.A would launch a historic, innovative and head to head study in the immunobiological market globally, for all rheumatologists. What the company and its executives did not expect is that in the midst of this launch the Covid-19 pandemic would happen, which brought a new reality to the world, impacting everyone, and requiring very quickly a reinvention of the entire work strategy of the launch, taking into account the company's historical human and professional relationships.

How could Novartis Brasil take the lead and bring an innovative solution to this scenario? How to engage hundreds of doctors amid a whirlwind of digital information and in full social distance? How to do all this when, for the first time, the company's technical consultants were taken out of the “field”?




The Exceed study proved the superiority of the Novartis drug in a direct comparison with the market leader in sales volume. This market leadership was due to the fact that the competitor was launched earlier, which generated a strong prescriptive "habit" on the part of all doctors in the immunobiological segment.


new times, new habits

What makes you change a habit? Our everyday habits don't always mean something good. With the whirlwind of the new events of this pandemic, we learned and had to change some of them.

Based on the results of the head to head study, we invite those involved to change their habits, because new times demand new habits.

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The solution found by the MAPA360 team involved the synergy of the offline world and the online world. At a time when everyone was reflective, concerned and adapting, the agency proposed the creation of a Relationship Community, which was called "Exceed Community - New Times, New Habits".

This community was born in a completely safe and controlled environment, with the objective of bringing together leading specialists in rheumatology, with actions aimed at relevant content in the segment, interactivity between doctors, technical discussion and much more, all of this was carried out in the same environment that would be the stage for the launch of the study and which, even after the online event, would continue its relationship mission, with no deadline.

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Offline to engage the online

How to bring the physician to this digital environment? How to bring this guest to another livestream, in front of hundreds that were happening at the same time in the face of the pandemic?

We left the online universe to impact our guests offline. In times of social distancing, where everyone was emotionally sensitized, nothing better than feeling remembered when receiving an invitation box in your own home. In this sense, we impacted the guests with an augmented reality video, in addition to highlighting the welcome to the Exceed Community.

Our work involved two distinct audiences, with different messages and different purposes for engagement:


Medical guests


Novartis technical consultants

Based on this, we developed and produced in record time, at the height of the pandemic, two invitation box models (it took us 20 days to carry out the entire process: creation, production and national logistics).

The medical box, fully complying with compliance rules, contained the explanatory video in augmented reality, the event manifest and the QR code, directing the guest to download the application on iOS or Android platforms.

The second invitation model, aimed at Novartis employees involved with the product and the study, had, in addition to targeted communication, a sustainable glass and state-of-the-art headphones to make the online experience of the launch even more pleasant.

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new times, new habits

In all, 400 rheumatology doctors from all over Brazil received the invitation box, in a rigorously orchestrated action, in record time, leading everyone to the launch of Live Exceed.
100 technical consultants and Novartis staff received their kits for Live Exceed, thus strengthening their role as key ambassadors for the community and success of the study launch event.
The online event had a qualified audience of more than 620 people, including 400 target rheumatologists, for the launch of the study, showing that the idea and action of impacting offline for an online event was extremely effective.
The Brazilian campaign “Exceed – New Times, New Habits” gained worldwide notoriety, becoming a successful case, serving as a guide for the study's actions in other countries.
The “Exceed – New Times, New Habits” campaign won the Novartis Global award.
The campaign was also a finalist for the Novartis Trophy, competing with 130 other projects of great importance for the company, winning second place.
The campaign brought the slogan most relevant to the moment for Novartis professionals, who needed to innovate; for rheumatologists, who had to review their prescriptive habits based on the study results; and for all of us, as human beings, who need to seek "new habits" in these "new times".
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